Telangana State’s TINIEST WARRIOR – 2017

Mrs. Harshitha delivered a baby girl who was born prematurely in the 28th week of gestation (7th month of mother’s pregnancy), weighing a mere 470 grams! The little girl won the battle for her life after 77 long days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), at Lotus Hospitals for Women & Children, Lakdikapul Branch, Hyderabad. We are thrilled to report that she is now safely home, weighing 1.62 kg, as of December 19, 2017!

Harshitha’s baby was born a twin, but unfortunately the sibling was a stillbirth (born dead). The newborn was referred to our NICU at 2 hours of life and was noticed to have breathing problems due to the immaturity of her lungs. She was thus placed on respiratory support for 48 hours. This determined little infant fought against all odds of premature birth during those 77 days, and a team of 15 doctors across many children’s specialties and NICU nurses took care of her around the clock, under the able supervision of Dr.Rahul Mansing Kadam, Consultant Newborn Specialist at Lotus Hospitals.

Harshitha’s daughter had to be closely monitored at all times. The biggest hurdle in the survival of a baby this tiny, is the risk of bloodstream bacterial and/or fungal infections. Every precaution was taken to protect the baby from this, throughout her hospital stay. Nursing Manager, Mrs.Rita George & Mrs. Biji – In Charge of the NICU Nursing team were the key senior nurses who directed their NICU nursing team to care for this little baby.

It is not unusual to lose the fight for such babies, as they often develop internal bleeding into the brain or air accumulation in the lungs. Luckily, Harshitha’s baby did not develop any such complications.

Our diligence and team work finally paid off, and we were able to discharge her in sound health, exclusively on breast feeding, and off all medications apart from nutritional supplements. We wish this little princess a healthy and prosperous life ahead.



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