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Orthopedics  is  a  branch  of  medicine  that   deals with  diseases  of  the  bones and joints. Unlike in adults where fractures (  breakages  of  bones  following  falls,  injuries,  accidents  )  alone  account  for  the  vast  majority  of  emergencies, in  children   there is  an  entire  gamut  of conditions which may require orthopedic intervention. Since pediatric age group  (  children’s  age  group )  is  the  stage  in  growth   when the  long  bones  and  other  bones  in the  body   are growing, negligence of any   bone or joint  ailment  can lead  to permanent disability  and  disfigurement .

The orthopedic diseases in  children  can be  evident  since birth such as bent spine ( scoliosis or kyphosis ), may arise during the maturation phase of the bone growth ( bowing of legs), can be associated with other underlying disorders of  formation  of  the  bones  or  cartilage                ( osteogenesis imperfecta  or  rickets ) or can occur due to trauma (  injuries  due  to  falls  and  accidents leading  to  breakage  of  bones  called  in  medical  parlance  as  : fractures /  or  dislocation  of  joints ). Many  other  orthopedic  disorders  affecting  children  may  be  due  to  diseases  of  calcium,  phosphorus  and  mineral  deposition.  These  need  timely  detection,  diagnosis  and  proper  treatment  at  the  earliest  stages.

We  are  equipped  to deal  with  all types of orthopedics problems  in  children :  both  emergent  and  non-emergent  and  long  standing.  With the good back up of our children’s  radiologists, pediatricians,  pediatric  intensive  care  specialists  and  neurorehabilitation  and  physiotherapy  department,   the  outcomes  of  children  undergoing  treatment   at Lotus  Children’s  Hospital   matches some  of   the best  centers in  the world.

Lotus  Children’s  Hospital  has being recognized as one of the best centers for  trauma care in  children !  We are  referred many  children  who  are  victims  of  road  traffic  accidents,  falls,  injuries,  etc.   We have excelled in the field  of  ‘ Trauma Care in Children ‘,  all  attributable  to  our  fast  and  integrated  multidisciplinary  approach  involving :  pediatric  emergency  medicine  specialists,  pediatric  surgeons,  orthopedic  and  neurosurgeons,  and  anesthesiologists.  The  National  Wide  Emergency  Response  Center ( 108 )  bring  us  children  retrieved  from  road  traffic  accidents,  construction  sites,  homes  and  other  sites  where  they  have  sustained  major  injuries  to  their  limbs,  head  and  other  body  parts.

Services offered:

  • Diagnosis and  treatment  ( surgical  and  non surgical ) of  fractures and dislocations of the extremities  (  breakage  of  bones  and  dislocation  of  various  joints  of  the  limbs )  and of the spine
  • Diagnosis and  surgical  correction  of   the  residual effects of trauma, such as growth disturbance, non-union and mal-union (  failure  to  heal  and  wrong  healing  of  bone  breakages  ).
  • Diagnosis  and  Treatment  of  :  Sports  injuries  in  Children  :   both acute  (  sudden  and  emergent )  and chronic ( due  to  overuse  and  of  a  long  standing  nature )
  • Diagnosis  and  Treatment  of  Spine  diseases such as :   scoliosis, kyphosis, spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis (  bent  spine  or  backbone,  slipping of  the  spinal  bones, etc )
  • Diagnosis and  Treatment  of   Birth Defects  of  the  limbs  and  joints such  as  :  Club Foot,  Hemihypertrophy, etc.
  • Diagnosis  and  Treatment  of  :  Bow Legs, Knock Knees,  Intoeing and Flat Feet
  • Diagnosis  and  Treatment  of  Neuromuscular disorders, such as cerebral palsy, myelomeningocele and muscular dystrophies leading  to  orthopedic  defects  and balance  abnormalities  in  the  limbs.
  • Diagnosis  and  Treatment  of  disorders of the Cervical  Spine ( Neck Spine ), Upper cervical instability, orthodpedic  defects  in  Down’s Syndrome and Swan Neck deformity

Scope  of  Orthopedic  Services  and  Methods :

Many  of  the  orthopedic  defects  and  diseases  in  children  require  operation  and  surgical  correction  under  anesthesia.  Many  others  require  placement  of  the  body  part  in  a  special  ‘ cast ‘  or  ‘ splint ‘  to  hold  the  part  in  a  particular  position  for  a  prolonged  period  to  time.  Some  require  simple  stretching  and  exercises  performed  by  our physiotherapy  and  rehabilitation  department,  and  others  require  a  combination  of  methods  mentioned.



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