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Children  with  nervous  system  diseases  or  illnesses  involving  the  bones  or  joints  and  skeletal  system  often  require  evaluation  and  support  to  help  them  recover  from  the  after  effects  of  serious  illnesses  causing  injury  :  both  temporary  and  permanent  to  the  brain  and  nervous  system.  Some  children  are  born  with  formative  defects  of  the  brain  and  nervous  system  which  cause  varying  degrees  of  disability  and  loss of  function.  Similar  effects  are  seen  after  children  are  afflicted  with  infections  of  the  brain  and  its  coverings (  the  meninges ).  Injury  due  to  falls,  accidents  affecting  the  head  or  spinal  column  too  cause  similar  effects.  Neurorehabilitation  specializes  in  assessment  of  loss  of  function,  formation  of  a  plan  of  management  and  several  modalities  of  treatment  aimed  at  reversing  or  improving  the  devastating  effects  of  these  illnesses  on  children  and  infants.  At Lotus Children’s Hospital, we provide the entire gamut of children’s neurorehabilitative services……… all under one roof!

The  Children’s  Neuro Rehabilitative  Team :

  • Physiotherapy ( Specialist who performs  restorative  activities  for  such  children )
  • Occupational therapy ( Specialist who helps  in restoration of function  )
  • Speech, Language Therapists & Audiologists ( Specialists who assess hearing loss, loss of or defects in  speech  and  language  and  perform  treatments  appropriate  to  regain  lost  functions )
  • Pediatric Psychiatrists & Psychologists ( Specialists for Children  who  deal  with  psychological  disorders  and  mental  disturbances  in  children  and  help  provide  assistance  and  treatment)

Scope  of  Children’s  Neuro Rehabilitation :

  • Diagnostic Assessment of  Nervous  System  and  skeletal  motor  function
  • Early Identification  &  Intervention
  • Developmental Screening of newborns,  infants  and  children  ‘ at  risk ’  for  loss  of  nervous  system  function
  • Facilitation of Neurodevelopmental therapy & activities of daily life.
  • Sensory motor stimulation.
  • Management of Autism, ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity  Disorder ), Cerebral Palsy,  Neuropathies, Syndromes with  Nervous  System  disability, Learning disability, Disability  in  writing, etc.
  • Facilitation of Speech and Language development
  • Testing of  Special  Senses in Newborns  and  Children : External  and  Internal  Hearing –  BERA Test, OAE, PTA
  • Behavior Modification therapy
  • Intelligence Quotient ( IQ )   & Developmental  Quotient (  DQ ) Testing
  • Postural Correction & Gait training.
  • Oral Motor Stimulation.
  • Neurodevelopmental therapy.
  • Remedial Education.

Supportive  Specialists  for  Children’s  Neurorehabilitation  and  Physiotherapy :

  • Pediatricians ( Children’s Specialists who identify  potential  children  who  need therapy )
  • Pediatric Neurologist ( Children’s Brain and  Nervous  System  Specialist )
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery ( Children’s Brain  and  Nervous  System  Surgeon )
  • Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon ( Children’s Bone  and  Joint  Surgeon )




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