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As a tertiary referral centre with a full range of pediatric subspecialty services, we provide the Round the Clock Emergency Transport Service  to  retrieve  newborns  and  children  from  other  hospitals.

The transport team, equipped with a broad range of mobile intensive care unit (ICU) equipment, deals with  critical illness  in  children. The  team  travels  by  road  to the bedside of any child requiring their services, stabilise the patient’s condition and then provide a safe, controlled transfer to  Lotus   Hospital for Women & Children.

During transit , the team is geared to provide a wide range of ICU services to ensure that the child arrives in the best possible condition at  our  tertiary  care  center  for  definitive  and  continued  care.

The transport team, comprises of  neonatal / pediatric  critical  care  fellows /  and pediatricians  trained in critical care and medical retrievals, with dedicated nursing staff from the Neonatal  and  Pediatric  Intensive Care Units.

Lotus  Hospital for Women & Children has  three dedicated  Emergency  Medical  Transport  vehicles for road retrievals.

Lotus  Hospital for Women & Children is  the  ONLY  tertiary  care  referral  children’s  hospital  in  South  India  to  offer  chartered  air  transport  in  collaboration  with  Clouds  Turbo  Aviation  Limited.  We  offer  transfer  from  distant  towns  and  cities  with  airstrips  /  airports  by  both  helicopter  and  fixed  wing  aircraft.  This  mode  of  transport  requires  medical  clearance  for  safe  air  travel  by  our  Pediatric  Intensivists  and  Neonatologists.  The  cost  is also  high  as  the  cost  of  the  medical  team’s  air  tickets  also  needs  to  be  borne by  the   family.  Please  contact  our  Pediatric  Intensivists  /  Neonatologists  to  discuss  transferring  a  child  to  work  out  the  logistics.  If  medical  clearance  is  obtained,  the  next step  would  be  to  contact  Clouds Turbo  Aviation  Ltd at : to  obtain  costing  and  payment  modes.  Exact  logistics  will  also  be  worked  out  following  this.

As a tertiary referral service, the  children’s  intensive  care  specialist  team  coordinates all  transports,  liaisoning  with  the  referring  pediatrician /  doctor  to  obtain  vital  information before activation  of  the  transport  team.

Information  for  Referring  Doctors  and   Healthcare Professionals

If you need to activate the transport team :

  • For  all  emergency patient  transfer  requests , please call +914040404444/ 40404400 and ask     the  operator  to  connect  you  to speak  to  the   On  –  Call  Consultant  Pediatrician
  • Please have the child’s notes, parameters and laboratory results close at hand. The consultant  will  ask  you  for  pertinent  information  to  make  a quick assessment   of  the  update on  the  sick  child’s  condition.
  • We  will  also  advice  you  regarding  interim  care  for  the  child  till  our  transport  team  reaches  you.
  • Please  contact  our  Billing  Department  during  regular  hours,  or  the  Front  Office  at  night  to  obtain  costing  for  the  transport.  We  charge  standard  taxi  fare  rates  for  a  two  way  trip  with  additional  charges  for  the medical  team  and  equipment.  Please  call  on  :  +914040404444 / 40404400.  In  case  you  have  difficulty  in  reaching  someone,  please  call  again and  ask  the  operator  to  connect  you  with  the  concerned  department.


Lakdikapool :- 040-40404444

Kukatpally :- 04040406666

LB Nagar :- 040-40402222

Visakhapatanam :- 8916656666

  • Please  counsel the parents to expect the team  within  the  estimated  time ( ETA : Estimated  Time  of  Arrival )  and   kindly  explain  why  transfer  is  needed.
  • Please  keep  us  updated   as  and  when  the  child’s  clinical situation changes.
  • We  request  you  to  arrange  for one  of  your  medical  team  member’s  to meet the transport   team  and  brief our  team   of the  child’s  clinical problems.
  • We would like to be able to give you  a daily  telephonic   feedback on the progress and outcome of the  child  being  transferred. Please  identify  a  primary  point  of  contact  in  your  hospital,  so  that  we  can  provide  information.



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