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Children  quite  often  develop  nutritional  deficiencies  and  suffer  from  the  long  term  effects  of  these.  In  developing  countries,  particularly  in  India  a  vast  majority  of  children  from  the  lower  socioeconomic  strata  are  malnourished.  Malnourished  children  are  at  serious  risk  of  contracting  severe  and  serious  infections  due  to  their  lowered  immune  status.  Many  malnourished  children  succumb  to  severe  infections.

The  reasons  for  poor  nutritional  status  may be due to improper weaning (change from breast milk to other feeds),  deficient  intake  of  the  right  proportion  of  carbohydrates,  proteins,  fats,  essential  minerals  and  vitamins, poor oral intake, inability to swallow, food allergies , intercurrent  illnesses etc., Underlying  diseases  of  various  organ  systems  conditions contribute to malnourishment such as heart or kidney disease, certain surgical procedures or other disorders, intensive care  stay  for  any  reason,  and food allergies etc., Good nutrition is important for the child  to  withstand  any  illness  whether  due  to  injuries,  infections,  any  major  surgery,  or  condition. Optimal  nutrition  ensures  the  immune  system  functions  properly  along  with  good  reserve  of  function  of  the  vital  organs ( the  heart,  brain,  kidneys, etc ).

Children  who  cannot  eat  or  drink  (  feed )  normally  due  their  illness   may require to be fed through  a  tube passed into stomach through  the  nose ( nasogastric feeds ).  In  children  with  deranged  intestinal  function  who  cannot  digest  or  assimilate  feeds  given  through  the  gastrointestinal  system,  will  need  feeding  through  their  veins  with  a  specially  prepared  mixture  of  feeds  which  contain  all  the  basic  nutrients  to  support  body  functions. (Total Parenteral Nutrition).

Our nutritionist takes round of all the patients and assess the nutritional status and plans diet in hospital accordingly and give dietary advice at the time of discharge.

Their services are also available for outpatient children with minor nutritional ailments of feeding disorders.

Our Nutrition also caters to the medical & Nutrition’s need of women including adalos girl children they are competent designing  & advise diet plans for women during pregnancy& during lactation period.

Services offered:

  • Outpatient nutritional assessment and detary plan
  • Nutritional assessment of all in patient children
  • Calculating energy and calories required for all in patient and planning their dietary schedule
  • Calculating, administering and reassessing patient requiring nasogastric and parenteral nutrition.
  • Preparing total parenteral nutrition (TPN) under strict hygiene and special precautions
  • Follow up nutritional assessment and advice



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