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At  Lotus  Hospital for Women & Children,   two floors are wholly  dedicated for admission  of  children  to  undergo  medical  and  surgical  treatment. These admissions are outside the Intensive Care Units and therefore  children are not ‘critically ill’.  Parent/s are allowed to stay with their children in  a  variety  of  accommodation  available with us. Please discuss with our Billing Department  to  know the tariffs for  various  accommodation, and if you would like to see any of the rooms, our staff  will  help  you  and  take  you  around.  The floor plans  have been designed to fulfill the needs of all socioeconomic  income groups. We have four bedded cubicles or commonly called General Wards, Triple Sharing Rooms, , Twin Sharing rooms, Single rooms and Deluxe rooms ( Suite Rooms ).

The General Pediatric floors have been tastefully designed in a  child friendly  manner with familiar concepts to children.

Each patient  care  area  here  has a nursing station manned round the clock by nursing staff. There are  nurse call systems  installed in every room easily accessible and identifiable by parents / attenders.  Apart from frequent visits to the room by both our children’s specialists  and nurses these nurse call systems can be used to call   for help anytime, particularly for emergencies.

Daily General Pediatric Inpatient  Floor  Routine

Although children are admitted under various consultants, there are  designated general pediatric consultants and  junior pediatricians ( registrars  or  postgraduates  in  pediatrics ) posted at each floor who looks after all the  inpatients. This ensures that even if the admitting pediatrician is not present the continuity of care is maintained since a consultant/s  is  available all the time.

Every morning,  the   general  pediatricians or  ICU specialist under whom a child is admitted (  consultants )  conducts  rounds  along  with  the  junior  pediatricians  in  these  floors.  The  children  are  examined,  discussed,  and  decisions  taken  with  regards  treatment  plans,  any  further  tests  and  speciality  cross referrals.  Requests  are  placed  by  the  junior  pediatricians  to  concerned  visiting  faculty  specialists  (  eg :  children’s  hematology – oncology, children’s  cardiology, etc )  who  attend  to  children  and  guide  treatment  accordingly.   In most  instances,  in  simple,  straightforward  illnesses,  speciality  consultation  is  not  required  and  our  general  pediatricians  are  able  to  effectively  diagnose  and  treatment  common  childhood  illnesses.

Following  morning  rounds,  orders  are  executed  throughout  the day  and  again  in  the  evening  one  of  the  general  pediatric  consultants  does  a  round  to  ensure  children  are  progressing  well,  as  well  as  follow  up  on  decisions  and  tests  performed  during  the  day.  At  night,  the  on call  consultant who is available in the premises  manages  any  emergencies  along  with  the  junior  pediatricians. Continuity  of  medical  and  nursing  care  is  ensured  round  the  clock.

Night  On  Call  Team

Lotus  Hospital for Women & Children is  one  of  few  centers  in  the  country  to  have  in house  consultant  medical  cover.  Most  centers  entrust  after  hours  care  to  junior  doctors  and  are  available  from  home  for  telephonic  consultation  and  come  in  to  hospital  if  necessary  for  emergencies.  The  disadvantage  of  the  traditional  system  is  that  vital  time  is  lost in  assessing  sick  patients  and  sometimes,  decisions  taken  by  junior  doctors  may not  be  adequate  enough to   address  the  needs  of  sick  children.

Since  inception,  our  hospital  has  a  senior  pediatrician (  general  pediatrician, or  children’s  intensive  care  specialist,  or  newborn  and  children’s  specialist,  etc )  stay  overnight  in  the  hospital  premises,  along  with  two  junior  pediatricians.  We  ensure  every  sick  child  is  evaluated  by  senior  experienced  doctors,  so  that  no  time  is  wasted  in  crucial  decisions.  Any  emergency  in  any  patient  care  area  is  also  attended  to  at  short  notice  by  the  night  on  call  consultant  ensuring  appropriate  care  is  instituted  without  any  delay.

Our  goal  has  been  to  make  every  parent  feel  that  their  child  is  safe,  twenty  four  hours  a  day.



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