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Endocrinology is a medical subspecialty that deals with disorders of glands in the human body. In children and teenagers, these glands are particularly important as they produce hormones necessary for optimal growth, puberty development and general well being.

Problems seen by endocrinologists are quite different from those commonly seen by endocrinologists who care for adults. Our endocrinologist  cares  for your child in a setting that is appropriate for children and  teens, together  with  nurses, diabetes  educators  and  nutritionists  who  are  attuned  to  their  special  needs.

We offer a full range of diagnostic, treatment and management services for the newborn through childhood and adolescence into early adulthood.

Range of Services

Children’s Growth and Puberty and Obesity Clinic

  • Assessment and management of short or inappropriately tall stature in children
  • Growth hormone therapy
  • Assessment and management of early or delayed puberty
  • Medical suppression of precocious puberty
  • Assessment of Overweight Children ( Obesity ) and management

Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes Programme

  • Screening for children and teenagers at risk of diabetes
  • Care and complications assessment for newly diagnosed and continuing diabetes.
  • Diabetes education and counselling services.

Thyroid Services

  • Clinic Assessment and management of disorders of thyroid gland hyper-and hypofunction such as Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s disease and Congenital hypothyroidism.
  • Management of congenital lipid disorders
  • Management of hypercholesterolemia in children at high risk of coronary vascular disease

Pituitary Hormone Replacement Services

  • For children with primary hypopituitarism
  • Children with secondary hypo-pituitarism (e.g. following brain tumour surgery, pituitary hemosiderosis)
  • Management of childhood adrenal disease
  • Management of ambiguous genitalia and disorders of sexual differentiation
  • Management of rickets and pediatric bone disease



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