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Today’s  lifestyles  of  hectic  work,  and  long  hours  has  taken  a  toll  on  not  just  adults,  but  also  children. Increasing  demands  for  success  from  parents,  peers   and  society  in  scholastic  performance,  coupled  with  smaller  family  size  has  left  growing  children  having  to  deal  with  psychological  pressures  themselves.  Working  parents,  and  very  little  quality  family  time  spent  together  has  further  compounded  the  issue.

Competitive  examinations,  the  desire  to  succeed  in  the  real  world  have  increased  the  demands  from  children  right  from  a  young  age  to  excel  in  school.  Psychological  problems  have  always  existed  in  children,  but  are  now  being  recognized  more  often  due  to  awareness.  Childhood  depression,  behavioural  problems,  substance  abuse,  alcoholism,  etc  were  issues  faced  by  the  western  world  until  recently.  Rapid  economic  progress  has  taken  its  toll  on  the  young  mind.  Access  to  wealth,  the  internet,  media  publicity  and  peer  pressure  have  all  resulted  in  parents  reporting  psychological  problems  in  children  as  young  as  five  years  old !

Certain  disorders  which  are  unique  to  children,  such  as  Autism  and  the  Autistic  spectrum  of  disorders  need  a  thorough  evaluation  and  proper  diagnosis  in  order  to  institute  treatment.

Evaluation  of  psychological  disorders  in  children  is  time  consuming,  requires  enormous  patience  from the  healthcare  professionals  and  others  dealing  with  such  patients.  Standardized  testing  is  required  for  analysis  and  several  sittings  are  required  to  arrive  at  an  accurate  diagnosis.  Treatment  often  involves  behavioural  modification  techniques,  and  very  little  medication.

At  Lotus  Children’s  Hospital,  we  have  child  psychologists  well  trained  in the  art  and  science  of  evaluation  of  children  with  psychological  disturbances.

Services  Offered :

  1. Developmental Quotient (DQ) Testing
    (Required tests for DQ assessment are – Developmental Screening Test (DST), Vineland Social Maturity Scale (VSMS), etc (available tests in the hospital))
  1. Intelligence Testing (IQ) :
    Binnet- Kamat Test of Intelligence (BKT)
    Malin’s Intelligence Scale for Indian Children
  1. Personality Testing in Children and  ADHD  ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ) Assessment :
    Children Apperception Test (CAT)
    Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
    Conner’s ADHD Rating Scale

Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS)

  1. Behaviour Therapy
  2. Parental Counselling
  3. Child Counselling
  4. Psychometric testings of adolescents
  5. Counselling of adolescents advicing them a managment plan for positive improvement
  6. Counselling of parents to provide a healthy and supportive environment to their children  and adolescents



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