Children’s nervous system diseases are very different from those of those afflicting adults. Typical children’s neurological disorders include : seizure disorders, neurodevelopmental issues, congenital malformations of the brain, and spinal cord, neuromuscular disorders : both degenerative, and infectious . Many neurological disorders in the pediatric age group are of an acute onset. Some are chronic . Evaluation of the nervous system in children and neonates requires a methodical, systematic approach to diagnosis and treatment. Delayed diagnosis and improper treatment can lead to permanent brain and nervous system injury and even death.

The Pediatric Neurology services at Lotus Children’s Hospital is a well established programme with a team approach from pediatric neurologists, pediatric neurorehabilitation and speech and audiology specialists, and in acute settings, pediatric intensivists.

Our team take immense pride in saving hundreds of children with serious neurological diseases, and markedly improving their functioning with an integrated approach.

Services Offered:

• Evaluation and Management of Seizure Disorders and Epilepsy in children.
• Evaluation, Management, Rehabilitation and follow up of all chronic pediatric neurological disorders : eg. Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Malformations, Post meningitic or encephalitic sequelae, etc
• Evaluation and Management of children with neurodevelopmental delay
• Evaluation and Management of Headache and Sleep disorders in children
• Evaluation and Management of Congenital Muscular Dystrophies, Rett’s syndrome, Mitochondrial Disorders, Neurodegenerative disorders, etc.
• Evaluation, Diagnosis, Management and follow-up all CNS tumours

Diagnostic Services Offered :

• Brain Imaging Services : Neurosonography ( Ultrasound ), Computed Tomography ( CT Scan ), Doppler Studies
• Nerve Conduction Studies, Muscle Function Studies ( ENMG, EMG testing )
• Seizures & Epilepsy Diagnosis : Digital Electroencephalograpy ( EEG ), Video EEG
• Special Senses Testing : VEP or Visual Evoked Potentials Testing , BAER : Brainstem Auditory Evoked Responses
• Advanced Neuroimaging Studies : MRI Scan, MR Angiography ( Arterial & Venous ) – In collaboration with Dept of Radiology, KIMS Hospital, Secunderabad )

Support Services for Children’s Neurology Programme :

Pediatric Neurorehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Speech & Audiology Services
Pediatric Neurosurgery Service supports any surgical intervention as and when needed.

Staff on Service :

Dr. Ch. Ratna Kishore, Senior Consultant Pediatric Neurologist

Dr. B. Anand Prasad, Consultant Pediatric Neurologist

To schedule appointments, please call our Operator and ask to connect you with the Front Office. Ask for an appointment with our ‘Pediatric Neurologists / Children’s Neurologists’. We will ensure your child is booked for an appointment at the next available time slot. In case of an emergency, with convulsions or fits in your child, or excessive drowsiness or unconsciousness , please bring your child directly to our Emergency Room. Our Children’s Emergency specialists will attend to your child and ensure timely and optimal care. 040 – 40404444 / 40404400.