International  Patient  Services.

Welcome to the International Patient Services Unit of Lotus Children’s Hospitals. We thank you for choosing us for providing healthcare to your children.

The services we offer for children are :

• Pediatric Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery ( Children’s Heart Specialists & Children’s Heart Surgery )
• Pediatric Neurology & Neurosurgery ( Children’s Nervous System Diseases Specialist & Children’s Brain Surgery )
• Pediatric Neurorehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Speech – Audiology, Occupational Therapy ( Children’s Nervous System Rehabilitation Department )
• Neonatal & Pediatric Surgery ( Newborn and Children’s Surgery )
• Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery ( Children’s Plastic Surgery & Reconstructive Surgery)
• Birth Defects Surgery ( Multidisciplinary Surgery to correct birth defects in newborns and children – affecting the face, limbs, etc )
• Pediatric Hematology & Oncology ( Children’s Blood Diseases Specialist & Tumours and Cancers Specialist )
• Pediatric Gastroenterology & Hepatology ( Children’s Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases Specialist )
• Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes & Growth Disorders ( Children’s Growth Diseases, Diabetes & Gland Disorder Specialist )
• Pedodontistry ( Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics Surgery )

We have simplified the process needed to access our International Patient Services. Please follow the self explanatory flowchart to effectively utilize our services :

Step 1 . Please email us at : your child’s medical details.
The information needed will be all medical reports, any letter from your child’s physician, medical summary, etc, with a specific request as to the type of medical treatment / surgery recommended by your doctors.

Step 2 . Our Team from the Marketing Department will revert back to you within two
Working days with the feasibility of provision of treatment with anticipated length of hospital stay for your child, as well as the approximate cost involved in US Dollars.

Step 3 . Please verify if any health insurance plan in the country that you live in
Will cover your child’s hospital expenses. In case you do not have insurance cover, please make necessary arrangement for funds.

Step 4 . Make visa arrangements for travel to India. If you would need any letter from
Hospital, that can be arranged on the proposed treatment plan or surgery, anticipated length of stay in the hospital, and medical fitness for air travel after treatment.

Step 5. Once you have decided to avail of our services, half the anticipated hospital
Bill proposed needs to be paid for upfront prior to travel as a booking amount. The payment will be in Indian currency only for the exchange rate on that day for the US Dollar. Please contact us to schedule your child’s doctors appointments, tests and treatment plan or surgery as needed. On arrival at the hospital, the balance needs to be paid to close the bill. Treatment would start at the very earliest after any screening tests, evaluations needed for treatment.

Step 6. Communicate with us again about your flight booking, travel dates, date and time of arrival at Hyderabad airport. We will have our staff wait at the arrival exit with a placard to pick you up. The staff member’s mobile number will be sent to you if you need to locate or need any assistance.

Assistance & Liaisoning :
Our Head of Marketing Department would be happy to assist you at anytime during the process. He will be liaisoning with our Medical Services Director and the CEO for discussing, finalizing treatment plans, logistics, etc. Our Head of Marketing can be contacted through our landline telephone numbers : + 914040404444 / +914040404400. Please ask the Operator to connect you with the Head of Marketing Department.

Wishing you a successful and smooth treatment / surgery for your child / children, and looking forward to receiving you. We can assure you safe, well planned, treatment at our hospital . . .