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Dr. A. Jagadish

MDS (Paed Early Intervention) (Osm), MS (Psych) & DMR
Master Trainer in Autism Tools INDT-ASD and ISAA (Paed Neurology, AIIMS – New Delhi), Bayley-III Edition (Pearson Academy – USA).

Member – Neuro Developmental Paediatrics Group(Disability) Chapter of Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP).

“VIRENDAR TREHAN” Gold Medalist 2001(0sm) & “RDAS” Gold Medalist 2001 (Osm) Distinction in DMR -RCI -New Delhi

Sr Consultant Neonate & Paediatric Early Interventionist (Developmental Disabilities).

Available For Consultation (OPD) :

LHWC – Lakdikapul: ( Monday to Saturday)
Please book appointments by calling – 040 40404444/00

LHWC – L.B Nagar: ( Thursday)
Please book appointments by calling – 040 40402222

LHWC – Kukatpally: (Saturday)
Please book appointments by calling – 040 40406666/99

Inpatient Services : On call

My Areas of Interest :
Childhood Autism (ASD), ADHD, SLD and Intellectual Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy and Neuro muscular disorders, Speech-Language and communication Therapeutics, Genetic Counselling and common early childhood Orthopaedic, Neurological conditions and their Early Therapeutic Interventional programme, childhood and Adolescent psychological issues.

My Expertise

  • Assessment, Planning and Early Intervention to IUGR children at risk, highrisk and disabled children in 0 to 3 years age group in NICU and out-patient basis.
  • Transdisciplinary therapeutic interventional approach
  • Early detection and management of the 4Ds – Defects at Birth, Diseases in Children, Deficiency conditions & Developmental Delays including developmental Disabilities (Motor, Cognitive, Visual, Speech-Language, Hearing ,Genetic and Multiple disabilities)

Publications and Media

  • Presented PAPER and POSTER on “A Study on behaviour problems in children with developmental delay having Down Syndrome”in 6th International Conference on Genetic and Molecular Diagnosis in Modern Medicine(GMDMM) Feb 8-10, 2013, 1st National Conference on ‘Early Intervention of Developmental Disabilities’ organized by Dept of Disability affairs, Govt of India, 7TH March 2013, The 2nd International Developmental Pediatrics Association Congress (IDPAC-2017), Phonix – International Journal for Psychology and Social Sciences (PIJPS), Vol.01;Issue 04; Page no .21-31;August 2017, 12th Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Cerebral Palsy (IACPCON -2017) and 4th PATSCON (Paediatric Academy of Telangana State) & 15th NCDP Annual National Conference Sub chapter of Indian Academy of Paediatrics IAP (Neuro Developmental Paediatrics ) 28th to 30th Sept 2018, Hyderabad.
  • Guest speaker on ‘Developmental delays and disorders in children and early intervention’ at DR NTRUHS PG MEDICAL EDUCATION , CME at Dept of Paediatrics ,Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences( SIMS ) on 28-4-2013
  • Actively participated in a panel discussion on “Specific Learning Disabilities and Management strategies”in Govt Doordarshan DD1 Channel, Hyderabad in 1999.
  • Contributed articles on children’s behavioural and educational disorders and their management stratergies in weekly Magazine (RISHI) editions, Vol 7 & 8 from December 2006 to May 2007


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