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  • Our  team  of  Consultant  Paediatricians  are  highly  qualified  with  postgraduate  training  in  excellent  and  renowned  teaching  medical  colleges  and  hospitals  across  India.  Some  of  them  have  acquired  additional  expertise  and  training  abroad  in  various  disciplines  of  Child care.
  • General  Paediatrics  deals  with  common  ailments  in  children  that  the  vast  majority  of  children  are affected with during their growing years. ( Example : Fever, colds, coughs, loose motions, vomiting, urinary infections, etc).
  • Our  General  Paediatrics  Consultants  will  advise  you  of  the  proper  diagnosis,  and  guide  you  with  regards  to  treatment,  any  testing  or  investigations  required  as  well  as  refer  your  child/ children to  speciality  or  ancillary  child  care  specialists  as  and  when necessary.
  • We  will  provide  assistance  and  guidance  with  routine  child  care:  vaccinations or immunizations,  growth  monitoring,  nutritional  monitoring  and  guidance,  dental  preventive  care  and  preventive  health  screening  programmes.
  • Unique  to our  center  are  our exclusive ‘Master  Health  Screening  Programmes‘ for children  devised  by  our  Consultants.  These  programmes  are  designed  to  provide  optimal  care  for  your  child/ children  by  preventive  screening  right  from  6 months  of  age  onwards  to  adolescence.  Please  enquire  at  our  Front  Desk  or  ask  your  child’s  doctor  regarding  these  programmes  and  you  will  be  provided  guidance  and  assistance.

General Paediatrics Outpatient Services Timings: 10 AM to 8 PM on all working days (On Sundays, Public Holidays and Festival days, our Outpatient Services will continue from our Outpatient Department and Emergency Department located one floor below the OPD floor, i.e: Stilt Floor).

Clinics Days of the Week Timings
Children’s Neurology Clinics Monday to Saturday By Appointment
Children’s Gastro & Liver Clinic Tuesday & Friday 2 PM to 4 PM
Children’s Growth, Thyroid & Diabetes Clinics Wednesday & Saturday 2 PM to 4 PM
Children’s Psychology Clinics Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9 AM to 12 Noon
Children’s Nutrition & Diet Clinics Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM
Children’s Hematology/Oncology Clinics Monday to Saturday By Appointment
Children’s Orthopedic Clinics Monday to Saturday By Appointment
Children’s E.N.T. Clinics Monday to Saturday By Appointments
Children’s Dental Clinics Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 1PM
Children’s Neuro Rehabilitation Clinics Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM
Children’s Neuro Surgery Clinics Monday to Saturday By Prior Appointment
Children’s Speech/Audiology Clinics Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM
Children’s Psychiatry Clinics Monday to Saturday By Appointment

To schedule appointments with any of our Consultants, please call our land lines and speak to our Front Office. Please allow sufficient travel time to reach the hospital at least ten minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This is to allow administrative and nursing formalities before your child is seen by your child specialist. We try our best to speed up the process, but delays do occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask our Front Office/ Patient Care Executives or Coordinators. They will be happy to assist you.

Health Support Services for Children

Pharmacy Services (Ext: 3015)

Our 24 Hours Children’s Pharmacy is located on the Ground Floor adjacent to the Front Office. Our registered pharmacy stocks only the best and well renowned brands of all medicines for children.

In case the brand that your child specialist has prescribed is not available, an alternative brand will be provided by our pharmacists.

If you are in doubt, our pharmacists will be more than happy to clarify with your children’s specialist on the phone. We also stock general and common items for children and emergency medicines for adult patients.

In case a particular brand is not available in our Pharmacy, we will be happy to procure the same brand within one working day for you to pick up.

Please direct any complaints/ suggestions to our Patient Care Executives/ Coordinators/ GM – Operations.

Laboratory and Diagnostics (Ext: 2020)

Our Children’s laboratory and Diagnostic Services are located on the Stilt Floor. We have the best child specific diagnostic labs.

In case of any blood tests, urine tests, X rays, Ultrasound or CT Scans or tests for heart/ brain ailments are suggested and prescribed by your child’s doctor, our staff will help you with the process.

Firstly, you will be guided to our Front Office to complete the billing and payment formalities for the specified tests. Then, you will be escorted by our staff to our Laboratory Specimen Collection room/ Radiology Department where the appropriate samples/ tests are performed. The reports will be automatically dispatched to our Laboratory Report Collection counter for you to return and collect samples.

In case of URGENT or STAT investigations/ tests, please wait till the reports are generated (may take up to two hours on working days, and longer on holidays and Sundays).

Vaccination and Nebulization (Ext:2006)

Our immunization programs are designed to meet the needs of both national and international patients. We have all the vaccines given all over the world available with us. We maintain strict WHO guidelines in procuring, storing and administering them, If your child’s doctor has prescribed any vaccine or nebulizer treatment, our staff will assist you with the procedure.

Firstly, you will be guided to our Front Office to complete the billing and payment formalities for the specified vaccines and nebulization treatment. Then, you will be escorted by our staff to our Vaccine & Nebulization Administration room where these will be performed. Please purchase a mask for your child’s nebulization from our Pharmacy so that you will be able to use the same repeatedly as well as for any subsequent needs.

Following all inject able vaccines, we advice you to wait in the Emergency Room waiting area for 20 minutes to allow us to monitor for any side effects or problems following vaccination. These are extremely rare ! In the interest of child safety and keeping up with International norms and procedures, we advice this waiting period…

Inpatient Admission Process

If your child/ children´s specialist has found your child/ children suffering from an ailment which requires hospitalization, your Children´s Specialist will advice admission to ensure your child recovers soon. Admission is required when oral and or home medication and care is insufficient to meet the needs of the child, as well as the degree of illness requires intravenous fluid therapy to correct dehydration, intravenous antibiotics, and ancillary care. Our staff will assist you in the process.

Firstly, you will be guided to our Patient Care Executives/ Coordinators who will take you to the Emergency Room for the admission. You will be counseled with regards the availability and various categories of accommodation available and suitable to your requirement.

If your child is covered by any Health Insurance policy, please do provide this information to our staff. Our hospital is empanelled with all major and most of the Health Insurance providers.
Just in case you do not have any insurance, we will complete the admission process as a cash/ credit care payment. Our staff will assist you in liaison with our Inpatient Billing Department.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask. We are aware this may be a stressful experience for you and your family, but, rest assured our professionally trained staff will handle everything with utmost care, compassion and empathy… Many of our doctors and staff too are parents and have their own children, so we understand your feelings and apprehensions.

Sub Speciality  Referral  Process

If  your  child/  children’s  doctor  suggests  referral  to one  or  more  of  our  children’s  sub specialists  (example:  children’s  neurologist,  children’s  growth  specialist,  etc ),  our  staff  will help  you  with the  process.  If  the  sub specialist  is  available  for  consultation  at  the same  time  of   your  visit,  we  will  ensure  your  child  is  seen  as  soon  as  possible,  with  the  next  available  consultation  timing. In  case  the  particular  sub  specialist  is  not  available  that  day,  the  next  available  day/  consultation  will  be  arranged  to  suit  your  convenience.

Master Health  Screening  Process

To  achieve  the  ‘best  and  optimal growth and  all  round  development‘  for  your  child  we  have  devised  various  Master  Health  Screening  programmes  for  children.  Preventable  diseases  and  conditions  and  proper  growth  and development  monitoring  is  essential  to  achieve  your  child’s  full  and  natural  potential  in  future.  Optimal  growth   and  development  will  ensure  the  best  scholastic ( academic),  performance  for  your  child/  children in  this  competitive  world.  Please  discuss  with  our  Front  Office  as  well  as  your  child´s  specialist  regarding  these  programmes.  Once  again,  once  you  decide  to  get  any  of  our  screening  programmes  performed,  our  staff  will  assist  you  in  the  process.

Amenities  for  Parents  and  Visitors

Children´s  Play  Area:  Located  in  our  Main  Lobby  on  Ground  floor  is  a  Play  Area designated  for  children.  We  have  provided  a  safe  environment  and  toys  and  playthings  for  your   child/  children  while  they  wait  to  be  seen  by  our  doctors.  Please  ensure  someone  is  with  you  child  at  all times  directly  supervising  his/ her  play. All  toys  and  play  area  equipment  are  regularly  cleaned,  and  disinfected  from  time  to  time  as  set  by  our  Infection  Control  Committee.  This  is  to  ensure  a  safe  and  clean  environment  for  your  child/ children.

Restrooms (Toilets):  Restrooms (Toilets)  are  located  in  our  Ground  Floor  beside  the Nursing  station.  Separate  Male  and  Female  toilets  exist  and  are  well  maintained  by  our  House Keeping  Staff.  If  you,  by  chance  find  any of  our  toilets  in  an  unacceptable  condition,  please  bring  this  to  the  notice of  our  staff  and  necessary  action  will  be  taken.  If  you  need  to  change  your  baby’s  diaper,  our  staff  will  provide  help  and  assistance.  Just  ask,  that´s  all.

Infant  Feeding  Room:  In  keeping  with  our  child  friendly  policy  and  concept,  we  have  provided  a  private  room  for  you  to  feed  your  baby/  child  while  you wait  for  your  child’s  consultation.  Our  nursing  staff  will  be  happy  to  assist  you  in  locating  the  Infant  Feeding  Room. Please  ensure  any  materials  used  such  as  paper  napkins/ towels  are  disposed  off  properly  in  the  designated  bin.

Cafeteria:  Our  hospital  cafeteria  is  located  in  the  basement.  Our  cafeteria  serves  nutritious  meals,  snacks  and  beverages    all  through  the  day.  Food  is  prepared  in  the  most  hygienic  way  and  served  by  our  staff  in  a  courteous  and  welcoming  environment.  We  provide  an  array  of  dishes  and  snacks, suitable for both adults and children of all age groups.  Please  check  with  your  table  waiter  regarding  the  menu.  Snacks  suitable  for  children  are  also  provided.

Telephone:  Please  feel  free  to  use  the public  phone  located: All local  calls  can  be  made  free  of  charge,  any  STD  or  ISD  calls  will  be  charged  at  the  standard  tariffs  prevailing  at  the  time  of  your  use.   Payments  need  to  be  made  in  cash  and please  insist  on  a  receipt.

Car Parking and Valet  Service:  When  you  reach  our  hospital,  there  are  clear  signs  directing  you  to  our  car  park.  If  you  need  assistance,  please  ask  our  Security  Staff  or  our  Ambulance  Drivers  for  help.  If  you  need  valet  service,  please  ask  and  free  valet  service  will  be  provided.  Please  be  sure  to  remove  any  valuables  inside  your  vehicle.  Our  staff  will park  your  car  safely  in  the  Car  Park. The  hospital  is  not  responsible  for  any  damages  to  your  vehicle  during  parking  and  exiting  and  the  loss  of any  valuables  left  inside  your  car.  In  case  of  such  an  event,  we  will  not  be  able  to  compensate  for  any  such  event.

Wishing  Your  Child/ Children  a Speedy  Recovery  and  Good  Health…



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