Did you know that there are Dentists who have specialized and trained to look after dental problems ONLY in children ? Lotus Children’s Hospital is one amongst a select few exclusive centers in this part of India to offer a highly specialized branch of Dentistry : Children’s Dentistry or Pedodontistry. Our specialist has a vast experience in treating children of all age groups with a wide variety of dental problems involving the teeth, gums and oral cavity.
Dental diseases and problems in children start right from the time a baby develops teeth. Most commonly encountered problems in the young child pertain to dental caries ( decayed teeth ), gum infections and diseases ( gingival diseases ), problems with alignment of the upper and lower jaw, and injuries. Many other diseases are due to birth defects of the face, jaw, teeth and bones of the face ( faciomaxillary defects )
A special category of children are especially prone to develop dental and gingival disorders : neurologically challenged children with delayed growth and maturation of the nervous system.
Services Offered
 Restorative Dentistry : tooth fillings, root canal treatment, stainless steel crowns
 Trauma Management ( Injury – due to falls, etc to the Teeth, Gums and Face )
 Dental Extractions ( removal of diseased teeth )
 Dentistry for Sick and Special Children ( children with neurological diseases and those who have sustained damage to their nervous systems due to any cause )
 Dental and Oral-Maxillo-Facial Surgery for dental infections, birth defects of the teeth , jaws and face. Infections of the bones of the face, gums and injuries to the mouth and face.
 Dental Screening for schools
 Dental Screening prior to performance of Heart Surgery in Children.

Staff on Service
Dr. R Naveen Kumar, MDS ( Pedodontistry )

To schedule appointments, please call our Operator and ask to connect you with the Front Office. Ask for an appointment with our ‘ Children’s Dentist / Pedodontist ’. We will ensure your child is booked for an appointment at the next available time slot. In case of any injury or fall involving damage or injury to your child’s face, teeth or jaws, please bring your child directly to our Emergency Room. Our Children’s Emergency specialists will attend to your child and ensure timely and optimal care. 040 – 40404444 / 40404400. Once stabilized, your child will be attended to by our Children’s Dentist / Pediatric Surgeon.