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Summer Health Tips For Kids

Heat during summertime is inevitable, so maintaining your kids’ health during the hot summers is a vital task. Here are some tips on how your children can have a healthy summer:

  • Water is your friend – Staying hydrated during the draining summer days is absolutely important. Make sure your kid has enough fluid intake. Make it fun for him/her by switching between juices, milkshakes & energy powders like Glucon-D or Tang.
  • Thin clothing is in – Dress your kids in light cotton wear, especially in full sleeves to avoid unwanted exposure of their skin to the sun. The light cotton material of ensures that your skin has enough room to breathe.
  • Keep the diet light – Spicy and oily dishes aren’t recommended during summer, as they add to body heat & cause skin issues. A fruit & veggie heavy diet should be undertaken. Juicy fruits like watermelons, oranges, and other citrus fruits can help keep your children hydrated and full. Cucumbers are also a great snack option.

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  • Sunscreen & the skin – Applying sunscreen every time your young ones step out in the sun is a tough task, but it’s also necessary. Consult your doctor to learn more about the right amount of SPF required for your kids.
  • Scheduled showers – Regular baths can help bring down the impact of the summer heat on your kid’s body. Following a routine of 2 showers a day can ensure that your kid is always cool. Swimming is another fun alternative your kids can partake in occasionally.

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So sit back, relax, and follow these easy tips to keep your kids healthy this summer – before you know it, summer will have passed smoothly without any hiccups!

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