We  are  a  unique  center  of  excellence  for  children’s and women’s  healthcare. The very  idea  of  setting up  such  a  beautiful  hospital  for  children  was  born  over  two  decades  ago. During  our  CEO’s  tenure  in  the  United  Kingdom  and  the United  States  through  the  1990s  when  he  was  training  in  some  of  the  finest  hospitals  in  the  world. The stark  contrast  of  hospitals  in  our  own  country  and  those  in  the  west  prompted  him  to  think  of  how  such  facilities  could  be created  and  the  feasibility  of  setting  up  a  world  class  children’s  hospital  in  India.

The support, encouragement and strength came from the Chairman, Directors of the company and family. Together we galvanized our dream of creating India’s Best and Finest Children’s Hospital in 2006. Set up at a cost of Rs.32 Crores, Lotus Children’s Hospital serves as an exemplary model of integrating children’s healthcare : primary, secondary and tertiary care services all under one roof. The building was constructed using the latest technology, the best materials under the able guidance and stewardship of our Chairman and Directors. The parent company being an established one for over thirty years in the field of construction was able to incorporate and execute construction with optimal utilization of resources and manpower.

The entire premises are built in accordance with the National Building Code, and satisfy all regulatory authorities including Fire Safety, and N.A.B.H. ( National Accreditation Board for Healthcare Organizations, Government of India ) requirements. The policy manuals and protocols are rigorously followed according to N.A.B.H. requirements.

The unique feature of this finest and best children’s hospital in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and India is the meticulous attention paid to the design and child friendly ambience, all detailed and planned to ensure smooth workflow and patient transfers, services.

In the year 2015 we decided to integrate women’s health services into all our units. Our hospital chain was renamed : Lotus Hospitals for Women & Children.

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We at Lotus Hospitals for Women & Children have dedicated ourselves to the providing the highest quality of care to the women and children whom we serve.


Our vision is to reach out to every woman and child in India, extending the entire spectrum of healthcare services in integrated facilities.

Board of Directors and Associates


An Engineer by profession, Sri D.V. Naidu has developed the Company with his foresight and dynamism. SCL INFRATECH LIMITED is today a leading Company of national reputation with an expertise in planning and executing major infrastructure projects ranging from irrigation canal excavation, hydroelectric dam construction, commercial and residential buildings, and railway line building . The company brings with it rich and varied expertise spanning more than three decades . Mr.D.V.Naidu has a penchant for perfection, timely execution of projects and a clear vision on the optimal utilization of resources to achieve goals.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr.V.S.V.Prasad  is  a  highly qualified  medical professional ( Pediatrics ) who trained in premier institutes in India, the United Kingdom and United States and specialized in children’s healthcare ( Pediatrics, Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Care ). He is the brain behind the concept of Lotus Hospitals and prior to this group was associated with two different children’s hospitals and units in Hyderabad since his return to India in 1999.  He brings with him a vast and rich expertise in his chosen fields spanning 29 years and has a national and international reputation as being one of the finest doctors in India.

Dr. V. Hemamalini Prasad
Director / Director Operations

Dr. Hema is a medical professional with special interests in radiology. She has been instrumental from the inception of Lotus Hospitals group in planning, overseeing the execution of construction, installation of equipment, recruitment of manpower and the day to day operations of all four centers of all four centers of the group. She has excellent managerial skills and has been a core team member in realizing the vision and mission of our group. Hardworking and meticulous in her approach, she brings expertise in management and operations apart from financial management of the company.

D. Srinivas

A Civil Engineer with 32 years of professional experience behind him. Young and energetic, he is instrumental in accelerating the growth and development of the company with diversification into several portfolios.


Mrs. Anitha Dandamudi is Director, holding an MBA in Finance and has been instrumental in financial management of the group. She has helped Lotus Hospitals achieve its objectives in financial restructuring, growth and optimization of manpower and resources. Mrs. Anitha has helped the group achieve the highest safety and quality standards. She also serves as an advisory on performance improvement of the group, peer review, risk management, regulatory compliance, safety standards, along with patient relations.

V. Srikrishna Vardhan

The youngest member of the Management team, Mr. Vardhan is passionate about creating the best possible experience for patrons of the Lotus Hospitals group. With a breadth of experience in Engineering and technology, he contributes a dynamic perspective that is focused on extending Lotus group’s emphasis on a patient-centric approach to as many children and families as possible. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master’s degree from Stanford University.

Our Associates

Aruna Sadhu

Nore Shahid Abdullatif

Dr. Vasudeva Reddy

Dr. Shireesha Bandam

Nalamaru Pavitra

Radhika Ragi

Dr. Pavan Kumar K

Dr. Ravi Kumar D

Dr. Siva Naga Raja

Dr. Ajay Kumar Bandaru