We  are  a  unique  center  of  excellence  for  women and children’s  healthcare. The very  idea  of  setting up  such  a  beautiful  hospital  for  women and children  was  born  over  two  decades  ago during  our  CEO’s  tenure  in  the  United  Kingdom  and  the United  States  through  the  1990’s  when  he  was  training  in  some  of  the  finest  hospitals  in  the  world. The stark  contrast  of  hospitals  in  our  own  country  and  those  in  the  west  prompted  him  to  think  of  how  such  facilities  could  be created  and  the  feasibility  of  setting  up  a  world  class   hospital  in  India.

The  support,  encouragement  and  strength  came  from  the  Chairman,  Directors  of  the  company  and  family.  Together  we  galvanized  our  dream of  creating  India’s  Best  and  Finest  women and children’s  Hospital  in 2006. Set  up  at  a  cost  of  Rs.32 Crores,  Lotus Hospitals for Women & Children  serves  as  an  exemplary  model  of  integrating  women’s and children’s  healthcare :  primary, secondary  and  tertiary  care  services  all  under  one  roof.  The  building  was  constructed using the latest  technology, the  best  materials  under  the  able  guidance and  stewardship  of  our  Chairman  and  Directors.  The  parent  company  being  an  established  one for over  thirty  years  in  the  field  of  construction  was able to  incorporate  and  execute  construction  with optimal  utilization  of  resources  and  manpower.

The  entire  premises  are  built  in  accordance  with  the   National  Building  Code, and  satisfy  all  regulatory  authorities  including  Fire  Safety,  and  N.A.B.H. ( National Accreditation  Board for  Healthcare  Organizations,  Government  of  India  ) requirements.  The policy  manuals  and protocols are  rigorously  followed according  to  N.A.B.H. requirements.

The  unique  feature  of  this  finest  and  best  women’s and children’s  hospital  in  Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh  and  India  is  the  meticulous  attention  paid  to  the   design  and the particular  child friendly  ambience,  all  detailed  and planned  to  ensure  smooth  workflow  and  patient  transfers,  services.

We are an ethical, transparent group and follow purely ‘evidence  based  medicine’ in all our centers with a wide variety of accommodation  to suit the budget of low income families in addition to the middle and upper income strata of society.

In  a  span  of  a decade,  we  have  established  four  centers  of  excellence  at  Lakdikapul  and  Kukatpally in  Hyderabad, Telangana  and  Visakhapatnam, in Andhra Pradesh. Our fourth center has been launched very recently  at  L.B.Nagar, Hyderabad.


We  at  Lotus Hospitals  for  Women & Children  have dedicated ourselves to the providing the highest quality of care to the women and children whom we serve.


Our vision is to reach out to every woman and child in India, extending the entire spectrum of healthcare services in integrated facilities.

Best Doctor in India

V. S. V. Prasad

I received specialized training in Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Care in the United Kingdom for three years. Pediatric Residency and Fellowship training in Pediatric Intensive Care and Neonatology in the United States of America for four years. I was instrumental in bringing advanced children’s health care to undivided Andhra Pradesh State for the FIRST TIME in 1999 and have set up two children’s hospitals in Hyderabad before Lotus Hospital for Women & Children.

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