5 Important Hygiene Habits You Should Teach Your Children

5 Feb 2020 Blog

Hygiene is not always about maintaining a certain appearance. In fact, it is a way to prevent harmful diseases. Having good hygiene habits can ward off infectious diseases and help you maintain a healthy body image.
Generally, children don’t have the knowledge to understand the importance of hygiene. Therefore, as parents you should teach them good habits that can help them lead a healthy life.

1. Bathing rituals

Make sure your child showers twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to sleep. While bathing, teach them to clean different parts of their body and let them practise on their own. Let them use a light moisturizer after showering and ensure that they are wearing clean clothes before hitting the bed.

2. Oral hygiene
Take care of your child’s oral hygiene the moment they have their first tooth. By cleaning their teeth and gums, you will help them prevent cavities, bad breath and various other dental problems in the long run. To make sure they are doing it right, start by making them brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes. Ensure that they are flossing daily and try to keep away from sugary drinks and sweet dishes as far as possible.

3. Hand hygiene
Teaching your kids about hand hygiene at an early age is crucial, especially if your child has started going to school. To avoid infections and germs, use a clean washcloth from wiping their hands. Also, teach them how to rinse their hands using soap and clean water for 30 seconds approximately. Using a handkerchief while sneezing and coughing is also important.

4. Foot hygiene
Avoid making your kids wear footwear all the time, especially if they aren’t wearing socks. Teach them to rinse their feet twice a day and apply a good moisturizer right after. Also, let them wear shoes depending on the weather. This will allow their feet to breathe properly and stay clean.

5. Nail hygiene

If your child has developed the habit of nail biting, stop them immediately.
Also, teach them some basic rules about nail cleaning and how to use a nail brush to scrub dirt from under the nails. Try to encourage your little ones to keep their nails short as they break less often and stay clean.

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