5 Home Remedies For Scanty Periods

5 Feb 2020 Blog

Scanty periods or irregular period flow is a common issue faced by many women. Dealing with it however, is not too difficult. Experts suggest that within a span of 12 weeks, not only can you improve your menstrual cycle but also your uterine health. Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can do so.
What causes scanty periods?
Before we enlist the remedies for scanty periods, tell us tell you about its causes in brief. Scanty periods, also called ‘light periods’ occurs when you stop bleeding in less than 2 days compared to an average woman who bleeds for 3 to 6 days approx. The causes include anemia, emotional strain, child delivery, birth control pills, crash diets, genetic problems, high estrogen levels, to name a few. Women suffering with scanty periods should ideally never wait for it to happen continuously before seeking the doctor’s advice. A medical consultation should be done immediately. With that in mind, here are some effective home remedies that can help you regain healthy periods.
Tips For Healthy Period Flow

Papaya is a natural home remedy which is conducive to the contraction of uterine walls. It prevents irregular periods and reduces pressure or stomach aches. Unripe papayas are recommended to young women suffering with period problems as it regulates the flow.
Chamomile tea is a beneficial home remedy for light periods. It reduces anxiety and stress and helps the blood flow normalize. You can always add a little honey to sweeten it, and to reap some of the benefits of honey, too.
Beet Juice
Beetroot juice increases blood circulation throughout the body, including the uterus. It is very high in iron which is required to keep your red blood cells healthy. Drinking a glass of beet juice once a day is the best way to boost your nutritional intake!
Lack of water in your system, reduces your body’s capacity for endurance, and makes you prone to scanty periods and stomach aches. So make sure that you are drinking enough water daily.
If you haven’t exercised in a long time, this should be a great excuse to get your body moving. Working out daily has a host of advantages as it reduces stress levels, balances hormones and enhances endorphins (a natural pain killer for the body). Those who want less strenuous workouts, may begin with yoga.

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