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Lakdikapul, Kukatpally L.B.Nagar, Vishakapatnam

The field of Children’s / Pediatric Intensive Care / Pediatric Critical Care is a relatively new speciality of  pediatrics, well defined and structured in the western world. In India, this is still a  nascent speciality,  but now fast growing over the last decade. The speciality deals with serious, and critical illness in children which have assumed life threatening proportions. Life  threatening illness in children occurs in all age groups  with a wide array of diseases virtually involving all organ systems of the body. Additionally, external insults to  childrens such as : road traffic accidents, trauma, poisoning, burn injury, submersion injury, and many others take their toll on children worldwide.

In  no  other  branch  of medicine  is  prompt  rapid  care  so  rewarding  as  in  Pediatric  Intensive  Care !  Rapid  diagnosis  and  prompt  institution  of  appropriate  care  brings  about  an  amazing  reversal  of  disease  processes  with  excellent recovery.  Pediatric  Intensive  Care  caters  to  the  age  group  of  one  month  onwards  till  adolescence.

Pediatric Intensive Care unit at Lotus has 10  Level 3 ( equipped  and  capable  of  providing  full advanced  life  support  and  multi  organ  support )  and 6  High  Dependency  Beds. ( Sick children,  but  not  requiring  advanced  life  support,  and  recovering  from  illness )

The  PICU  ( Pediatric  Intensive  Care  Unit )  is  equipped  with  cutting  edge  life  support  technology (  ventilators,  infusion  pumps,  cardiorespiratory  monitoring  devices,  invasive  and  non invasive  monitoring,  neurointensive care monitoring, continuous brain electrical recording :  continuous  EEG , dialysis,  liver support, etc ).

The  Pediatric  Intensive  Care  Unit  at  Lotus  Children’s  Hospital  is  accredited  by  the  Indian  Academy  of  Pediatrics –  Intensive Care  Chapter  and  the  Pediatric  Section  of  the  Indian  Society  of  Critical  Care  Medicine, New  Delhi.  This  is  a  unique  distinction  as  every  year  we  train  pediatricians   in  the  art  and  science  of  children’s  intensive  care  and  who  after  passing  the  exit  examination  are  fully  armed  with  the  requisite  knowledge,  skill  sets  and  courage  to  function  independently  as   :  Pediatric  Intensivists !

Children’s   Intensive  Care  Services  Offered:

  • All Critical care ( life threatening and  dangerous  illnesses ) services  for  children  from one  month  of  age  till  adolescence
  • Advanced Life  Support  for  serious  systemic  illnesses,  and  multi   organ
  • Conventional Mechanical  Ventilation ( Artificial  Respiratory / Breathing Support ) : Noninvasive  Ventilation ( BiPAP ),   and High  Frequency  Oscillatory  Ventilation ( HFOV)
  • Dialysis ( Artificial  Kidney  Support ) : Peritoneal  Dialysis  and  Hemodialysis
  • Invasive Hemodynamic  Monitoring and Intracranial Pressure monitoring
  • Bedside Critical  Care  Diagnostics : Echocardiography  ( Transthoracic and Transesophageal ), ECG, X-ray Ultrasound and Doppler facility, EEG, EMG and Nerve conduction study.
  • Bedside /  Operating Room  :  Bronchoscopy and Tracheostomy

Emergency  Transport  for  Critically  Ill  Children  : Our emergency transport vehicles are equipped  with  all  life  support  gadgets  such  as  infusion pumps,  syringe  pumps, multichannel   cardiorespiratory   monitors,  ventilators,   and  defibrillator   to  safely  transfer a  sick  child  from  other  hospitals or nursing homes by our highly trained medical teams.

Our  Transport  Success  Story !  We  are  pioneers   and  probably  the  FIRST  in  India  to  successfully  conduct  long  distance  critical  care  transports  by  road  from  a distance  of  300 Km !  We  have  been  the  FIRST   again  to  successfully  conduct  air  transports  of  sick  children  by  both  commercial  aircraft  and  by  helicopter in  India !



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