Child  Psychiatry  /  Pediatric Psychiatry

Diseases  of  the  mind,  commonly  known  as  ‘ psychiatric illness ‘  or  in  common  language ‘ madness ‘ affects  adults  relatively  commonly.  Psychiatric  problems  also  affect  children,  however  at  a  slightly  later  stage,  in  middle  and  late  childhood.  Many  intense life  events  (  loss  of  a  parent,  loss  of  a  sibling,  change  of  address,  witness  of  any  stressful  situation )  can  trigger  off  psychiatric  illness  in  children.  Diagnosis  maybe  difficult  sometimes,  and  a  high  index  of  suspicion  is  required  to  make  an  early  diagnosis.  Fortunately,  most  childhood  psychiatric  illnesses  are  transitory  or  temporary  and  the  child  can  be  effectively  treated  and  brought  back  to  a normal  state. 

At  Lotus  Children’s  Hospital,  we  offer  excellent  professional  help  for  children  needing  such  counseling  and  treatment.  The  causes  of  psychiatric  illness  in  children  are  varied :  genetic  predisposition,  environmental  factors,  certain  drugs  and  medicines  used  for  other  illnesses  and  toxins  and  certain  liver  and  metabolic  diseases  have  psychiatric  components . The psychologist services include individual and group psychotherapy, social skills training and individualized academic assistance. Other services include parent training to support child behavior changes, family therapy to help families cope with significant stress, and counseling to help integrate children with chronic illnesses into the school environment.

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The  Pediatric  Psychiatry  Department  works  closely  with  the  Child  Psychology  Service,  Speech  Therapy  Service  and  the  Neurorehabilitative  Services.

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Dr. Hashmatunnisa Begum Khan

Dr. Phani  Prashant

To schedule  appointments,  please  call  our  Operator  and  ask  to  connect  you  with  the  Front  Office. Ask  for  an  appointment  with  our  ‘Child  Psychiatrists’.  We  will  ensure  your  child  is  booked  for  an  appointment  at  the  next  available  time  slot.  040 – 40404444 / 40404400.

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