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Teeth Care Tips for kids

Top Dental Care Tips for Kids

Practicing good oral hygiene is extremely important for kids. Children need constant supervision and help from their parents, especially if they're below the age of 12. A small kid generally doesn’t know much about their dental health, and they can’t take good care of it on their own. You can help them with some simple and easy to apply rules! Most parents want to know how to take care o...

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home remedies for scanty periods

5 Home Remedies For Scanty Periods

Scanty periods or irregular period flow is a common issue faced by many women. Dealing with it however, is not too difficult. Experts suggest that within a span of 12 weeks, not only can you improve your menstrual cycle but also your uterine health. Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can do so. What causes scanty periods? Before we enlist the remedies for scanty periods, tell us tell you about i...

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Baby Divija Come Early & Conquers All!

Divija (Baby of Dr. Srinivas Varkala and Dr. Sowjanya), a baby girl born on the 28th week of gestation had a serious breathing problem and is now safe and sound in the arms of her mother. With her birth weight of only 1010 grams, Divija was in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for 62 days, after which she came out as a healthy baby weighing 1960 grams. Divija was born through an emergency ...

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How to Sleep Better While Pregnant

Getting a good night’s sleep as a mother is extremely crucial. It can become a pain at times, especially when you are closer to the delivery date. Having a baby doesn’t however, mean that you cannot sleep well at night. We have some simple suggestions and tips that will help you sleep peacefully! Running out of Air? Several moms experience shortness of breath while sleeping. If you ca...

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The ‘Tiniest Warrior Princess’ of Telangana State!

Mrs. Harshitha delivered a baby girl who was born prematurely in the 28th week of gestation (7th month of mother’s pregnancy), weighing a mere 470 grams! The little girl won the battle for her life after 77 long days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), at Lotus Hospitals for Women & Children, Lakdikapul Branch, Hyderabad. We are thrilled to report that she is now safely home, weighi...

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