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Pediatric Infectious Deseases Seminar By Praanam Children’s Foundation

A FIRST OF ITS KIND ! Pediatric Infectious Diseases Seminar. June.18th. 2017. Praanam Children's Foundation & Lotus Hospitals for Women & Children in association with the Indian Medical Association ( IMA ) hosted a wonderful seminar on infectious diseases in children.... The whole programme was organized by our Pediatric Infectious Diseases Consultant : Dr.Suba Sundaresan, MD . The visiting ...

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Which children should receive Pneumococcal Vaccines as a PRIORITY?

Children and Infants with Congenital Heart Disease (Birth Defects of the Heart) Children and Infants with long standing lung diseases Children with frequent and severe Asthma Children with weak or deficient immune systems Children without a spleen (an organ located inside the abdomen) or those with blood diseases causing reduced splenic function These subsets of children ...

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What to expect after BCG Vaccination:

Please note that this is a NORMAL and EXPECTED reaction! Immediately following the BCG Vaccination, a small white Lump appears at the site within a few minutes.  A Red Spot or Swelling develops over the next 3 – 4 weeks Time, becomes a Sore often with discharge of pus.  The sore heals with a scab finally leaving a permanent Small scar. DO’s after BCG Vaccination for you...

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Lotus Children’s Hospital Children’s Emergency Services Parent Education Chart

PROTECT your Child / Children from HEAD INJURY which can cause serious BRAIN INJURY with long-term sequelae and even loss of life…! PROTECTION AT HOME: Never leave a toddler (under 3 years) unattended at anytime Watch your child at home / entrust someone to watch while he/she is awake BE VERY CAREFUL if you live in an apartment with an open balcony! NEVER leave your child u...

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