Baby Divija Come Early & Conquers All!

Divija (Baby of Dr. Srinivas Varkala and Dr. Sowjanya), a baby girl born on the 28th week of gestation had a serious breathing problem and is now safe and sound in the arms of her mother. With her birth weight of only 1010 grams, Divija was in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for 62 days, after which she came out as a healthy baby weighing 1960 grams.

Divija was born through an emergency cesarean section in light of the fact that her mother was experiencing elevated blood pressure. The baby had a severe breathing problem because of immature lungs, due to which doctors kept her under respiratory support (CPAP) for 72 hours. Battling for life was not easy for Divija as she continued to have intermittent episodes of cessation of breathing (apnea of prematurity), which further required respiratory support (HHHFNC) for another 2 weeks.

Her struggle continued as she had a blood stream infection which was treated with appropriate antibiotics. She also needed transfusion of blood products. Divija later developed bleeding in the brain (Grade I) which was monitored by a series of brain scans (cranial USG). It was at this point that she started to recover slowly. Her premature eyes posed another problem (Retinopathy of prematurity) which was closely monitored by an eye specialist. The problem is being taken care of slowly and may not require any treatment (LASER) in the future.

Divija fought against all odds of prematurity during those 62 days with a team of 15 doctors across various specialties and NICU nurses who took care of her the entire time. She was closely monitored at all times, and given the best care and support. Every precaution was taken to protect her from bloodstream bacterial and fungal infections throughout her stay at the hospital. Extensive nutritional support was provided to her as well.

Finally, with some excellent team work, we have been able to discharge her today in great health off all medications, apart from nutritional supplements. We wish the princess a healthy and prosperous life ahead.

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