How to Sleep Better While Pregnant

Getting a good night’s sleep as a mother is extremely crucial. It can become a pain at times, especially when you are closer to the delivery date. Having a baby doesn’t however, mean that you cannot sleep well at night. We have some simple suggestions and tips that will help you sleep peacefully!

Running out of Air?

Several moms experience shortness of breath while sleeping. If you can relate to this condition, simply prop yourself up with a couple of extra pillows so that the pressure on your lungs reduces!

Tired but Wakeful?

Another common problem faced by most mothers is the inability to sleep while you are pregnant. Doctors suggest that bedtime routines can be changed in order to help your body prep a little before sleeping. Taking a warm bath, and using soft lighting in the bedroom works best for moms-to-be.

Tummy Troubles?

Your appetite might be ravenous, but don’t eat too much at one go. Having mild meals or smaller meals paced through the day will curb the sensation of feeling “too full,” and the pain of a reflux. Also, don’t drink too much coffee. It will make you want to go to the washroom several times.

Pillows are your Pals!

In order to reduce the pressure in your hip area, place a body pillow right between your legs. This can be done so that you can sleep on your side easily.

A Support System (Besides Friends & Family)

Dont forget that you do need some good support while trying to sleep. Maternity bands in such cases are very helpful. Wearing one during the day will take care of your groin, back and belly! Also, doctors say that it also helps in reducing hip pain significantly.

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