Happy Birthday, Dear Yashvin!

Working in pediatric medicine is simultaneously one of the most stressful yet highly rewarding jobs in the world. It can be tough to be see countless little children being struck by illness every day, but every once in a while, we have the opportunity to go above and beyond to make a child’s day.

Little Yashvin was admitted with high fever and dehydration on the 27th of October, as an emergency case. He began to recover from the infection under our care and told his children’s specialist doctors that it was his birthday on 29th. Yashvin is a sweet child and he captured the hearts of all around him. Once we found out that his birthday was barely two days away, the Nursing Dept at Lotus Hospitals decided to throw a surprise party for the young lad!

No child would ever want to be cooped up in a hospital on their birthday, but we were determined to make Yashvin’s seventh birthday a special event. Surrounded by his dear parents, the entire nursing team, several doctors and other staff who had helped him on the road to recovery, Yashvin enjoyed a fun little party complete with balloons, cake and cheerful decorations in his hospital room. The little boy was overjoyed! His parents were pleasantly surprised and thanked our nurses profusely for their love and affection towards their boy, but we consider ourselves equally lucky to have met and spent time with such an amazing child.

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